Details for Swim Lesson Intermediate Session 1

Age older than or equal to 3 and younger than or equal to 15.99. The date used for calculating the age is Item Begin Date.Household Feecode of SDN,RES.
Transaction Date/Time on or after 03/02/20 @ 9:00am.
Interface Type of RecTrac,WebTrac.
Household Feecode of SDN,RES.
Interface Type of RecTrac,WebTrac.
Less Than 7 days before the item begin date.

Entire East Pool East Pool4450 Schirtzinger RoadHilliard, OH, 43026(614)876-2661

$50.00 $55.00

Beginner Levels:
1 (Bubbles) – No Pre-Requisite. For Brand New Swimmers.
2 (Floats/Glides) – Pre-Req: Comfortable Submerging in Shallow Water, Level Focus: Front/Back Glide and Recovery
3 (Kick) – Pre-Req: 5 Second Front/Back Glide with Recovery. Level Focus: Front, Back and Dolphin Kick.

Intermediate Levels:
4 (Crawl) – Pre-Req: 15ft Front/Back Kick. Level Focus: Side Glide Kick, Rollover, Crawl Stroke.
5 (Freestyle) - Pre-Req: 20ft Side Glide Kick, 20ft Crawl Stroke - No Breathing. Level Focus: Freestyle, Backstroke.
6 (Backstroke) - Pre-Req: Crawl Stroke with Breathing (4 Breath Minimum). Level Focus: Treading, Freestyle, Backstroke, Diving Safety.

Advanced Levels:
7 (Breaststroke/Butterfly) - Pre-Req: 25ft Freestyle, 30ft Backstroke, 1 min Treading. Level Focus: Breast Kick, Dolphin Kick, Butterfly Timing.
8 (Turns) - Pre-Req: 50yd Freestyle, 25yd Backstroke, 20ft Breaststroke Kick. Level Focus: Breast Arms & Timing, One & Two Hand Open Turn, Flipturn.
9 (Lifetime Strokes) - Pre-Req: 100 yd Freestyle with Bilateral Breathing, 25yd Breaststroke, 30ft Butterfly. Level Focus: Scissor Kick, Elementary Backstroke.


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